“Now the time has come to go our separate ways and it’s all right if you want to cry”-Wynonna

Now the time has come to go our separate ways

And it’s all right if you want to cry

And though I know, we’ll meet again someday
It’s never easy to say goodbye 

-Wynonna Judd

Hello goodbye

I haven’t let myself think about what is going to happen tomorrow, I have kept myself insanely busy, between a field trip, water day, and field day I just haven’t let myself think about it.  However at graduation tonight, when others started their ugly crying, tonight I came home to a silent apartment and finally let it soak in what tomorrow will be.  Tomorrow I will work my last day at Harmony, last week I accepted a job at Trinity to become their newest 2nd grade teacher.  While I am extremely excited to started this new journey God has placed me on, when I start thinking about leaving my babies, and my more than just co-workers, my friends I start to get a little teary eyed.

Yes this year has been tough, and more than one time I have wanted to throw in the towel but with my amazing co-workers and my kids, my babies, I saw it to completion.  However I know that without my AMAZING friends/co-workers I never would have made it, Emily calmed me down after I flipped a table, poor Zach trying to calm me down during panic attack telling me “you can freak out Miller just not here in the hallway, plus I have cookies”, Melissa stuck by me when it would have been real easy to throw me under the bus, and Amanda, Crumby, and everyone else standing by me and kept encouraging me.   They will never understand how much that meant to me.

While I will miss watching my babies grow as I have watched my other babies grow I know this is a move I must make for myself, to be a happier Bobbie Jo, to remember why I became a teacher, to rekindle the passion I once had for teaching that was snuffed out this year because of bureaucracy.  I know that this is a move that God has planned, and he has called me to.  I hope all my friends know that I will always carry a part of them with in my heart, and this isn’t goodbye, this is until we meet again.  Plus we’re the “click” we can’t break up!

So wish me luck as I say good bye to my first attachment in Lubbock, to the school who gave me my start, were I taught 2 different grades, in 4 different classroom, and a place where I gave my all (literally in room 305 I spilled blood, which a horror story we tell every new teacher, who will they tell about now?) The place I taught about 100 students between my 3 ½ years. It wasn’t perfect, God knows it wasn’t always easy, but to be honest I don’t know if I would change it.

Don't cry-dr. seuss


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