“Consider Me”-Nashville Cast

Consider Me

Consider Me

Who knew I’d be one of the last few

Who knew I’d be this old and still waiting for my first

Consider Me

Sometimes the silence of this apartment is deafening

Sometimes I cry myself to sleep

Consider Me

Who knew you could stand in a room full of people who love you and feel so unloved & unlovable

Who knew I would start resenting your friends happiness

Consider Me

Who knew I would work 100+ hours every 2 weeks just to avoid the silence & emptiness

Who knew I could be blessed and yet fill empty

Consider me

Do you know I pray for him every night?

I wonder if he will love me enough to do the same for me even though we have never met

Consider Me

Maybe I’m not meant for love

Maybe I’m not meant to see my dreams come to reality

All I’m asking is for someone to …

Consider Me


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