“You can’t break what’s broken”-Charlie Worsham


Hey what’s some worst one more goodbye could do
You can’t hurt me cause I can’t love you
My heart’s so far beyond repair
You don’t have to handle me with care…
You can’t break what’s broken

~Charlie Worsham

So after my last blog post and talking to a few friends about it I figured getting this weight off my back would be so freeing, however I find myself looking around every corner for the other shoe to drop, for someone to use this to hurt me.  I find myself looking for something to be wrong, like the Lady Antebellum song says It’s like I love this life when nothing’s right, unless something’s wrong. Why can’t I just be happy, and not look around the corner for something to be wrong?

Why am I still so scared to let new people in, I have had a new friend invite me over to hang out but I’m so skeptical to hang out with anyone new because I still fear to let them get to know me because if they get to know me they won’t like me.  Why can’t I just be normal?!

Advice needed, how do you learn how to be happy/content?  How did you learn to trust after you got hurt?  Any and all useful advice would be greatly appreciated.


2 thoughts on ““You can’t break what’s broken”-Charlie Worsham

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  1. You just have to trust, one step at a time! It’ll be a quiet and lonely life if you never trust anyone or don’t take any chances. What made you trust me when I reached out to you?

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