My Give a Damn’s Busted- Jo Dee Messina

Hey everyone, I know I’ve been a little M.I.A. lately but it’s not just from the blog it’s been everything, I have thrown myself into school and isolated myself from everything else.  So I thought I better come out of hiding and give an explana

So after 3 weeks of school something happened that truly hurt me and I was worried of how it would affect my career at HAS Lubbock(as it turns out it won’t), now before everyone worries it was nothing major, it just has to do with someone’s decision but I respectfully chose not to talk.    However if you follow me on Facebook you know I’ve been a little angry lately and extremely hurt. I figured with whom the other person that was involved was and how beloved that person is it was best that I remove myself and isolate.  I don’t think I’ve ever isolated so fast before.  I quit going to P31, I quit going to church and Emerge, the time I really need people is when I with drew the most.  Tuesday’s would roll around and I would desperately want to go to Emerge  but figured it was best that I stayed away till things calmed down and blew over.  Then last week I was talking to my mom and she reminded me that I can’t remove myself and isolate just because things are hard and I can’t give up things I love just because someone hurt me.  Then I got a series of text messages from 2 friends within 5 minutes of each other both echoing the same sentiments, that I was missed, also loved and need to come back.  I was sitting in my classroom floor trying to make an anchor chart crying.  It was then that God remind me why he brought me to Lubbock and lead me to the church he did. 

So I made a promise to one of those friends to come back next week, so starting Monday it’s back to P31, church, Emerge and coming out of my APT to go other places that my classroom.

Watch your words and hold your tongue; you’ll save yourself a lot of grief.-Proverbs 21:23


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