“…Pulls her hair back as she screams…”-Train

If I hear 1 more person tell me I need to take a break from school on the weekend and take some me time, I might actually scream.  I know everyone means well but you don’t understand, I have worked my whole life to be a teacher, to have a classroom of my own and I don’t want anyone to take it away from me because I didn’t work hard enough.  We have yet to stay with 1 curriculum so I’m always learning a new one, so sometimes I still feel like a new teacher 3 years into it.  I finally get comfortable with our curriculum by the end of the year and they go and change it.  Plus I don’t think people understand that it’s sometimes easier to work all the time and stay focused on school than come home to this empty quiet apartment. 

            Now with that said I know that I tend to get a little tunnel vision, I mean I missed a friend’s wedding shower today, and almost forgot to pay my rent this month because I’ve been so focused on school, that fact is not lost on me.  But what else am I suppose to do?  But have you ever had a dream you worked so hard to achieve, once you get it don’t want to lose it?   

“ let the wise listen and add to their learning, and let the discerning get guidance”—Proverbs 1:5


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