…And this is my life I’m hoping will be a fine world…-Sugarland


While in Dallas I had dinner with a good friend and she told me to make a list of things I want to do in my life and to get started this comes after a few weeks before that my Emerge pastor’s wife suggest I’d take up a hobby.  So this weekend I wrote up my list, really I wanted to try out my new markers so I thought this to be the best way!!! So here it is:

Things I want to do in my life….. (In no particular order)

  • Meet the love of my life and fall in love
    • Be one of those sappy couples that stand the test of time
    • Get married (big surprise right???)
      • Make that whole hearted commitment to be his help mate, be the wife a man needs and deserves…even if right now I don’t know how to be a wife …how do you learn to be a good wife???)
      • Have a budget friendly midnight fairy tale wedding
        • Candle lit, very romantic, very old school tradition with new age music twist…yea I’ve thought about this for a while
        • Have a baby
        • Be a foster mom
        • Adopt a so-called unadoptable child
          • No child should ever be labeled unadoptable, and I want to change the life of at least 1 of them.
        • Live in the house of my dreams
          • Notice I said live not build, I don’t plan on staying in 1 place for long.  I want to move a lot.
        • Go to Paris on my honeymoon
          • I just want to visit Paris one day before I have kids
        • Go back to school to get my masters and Ph. D
          • I’m not ready to go back to school yet and I really can’t decide what I want my degree in, I’m going to wait for God to show me the path
        • Travel around the world
          • I want my passport filled with stamps
        • Road trip around the United States of America
          • One summer I just want to go and mark state after state off my list
      • Teach kindergarten
        • I will not be denied, I will one day teach kindergarten, the grade I love

        Teach pre-K

        • I would love it HSA would let me start up the Pre-K program here, we desperately need one
      • Take a gourmet cooking class
        • I love to cook and would love to improve my skills
      • Learn how to decorate a cake
        • Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve been fascinated by this skill and would love to learn
      • Take a photography class
        • I’ve always been fascinated by photography and this is the one I would love to take up no, just don’t know where to start…any ideas????
      • Kiss in the rain
        • Just something fun!
      • Live somewhere it snows (regularly)
        • I LOVE the snow, I turn into a little girl when it snows there is something so magical about it…..I just have to get away from the 100 degree summers.
      • Get my new year’s eve kiss at midnight (from the love of my life)
        • Another fun one, I know I live in movie/fairy tale land…but a girl can dream
      • Read the bible all the way through
        • I keep starting but can never stick with it…but I will
    • Be fit and healthy
      • Started on this on already

      Walk a God lit path

      Be a Godly women

      Be wanted

      Live a Christ centered life

    • Be debt free
      • Working hard on this one and got a great jump on this after taxes this year but I feel like I’ll be paying my student loans off forever
    • Sing on stage again
      • I used to love being on stage…but fear keeps me away
    • Act in a play
      • I had a teacher tell me I needed to be drama student, I wish I would have listen
      • Wish I had held on to my childhood innocents, where fear never held me back.
    • But most of all be HAPPY, at whatever point I’m at in my life.


Now maybe I won’t accomplish all of these, but I’m going to try to start crossing things off this list.  Just don’t know where to start any ideas???


If you don’t take me to Paris; on a lover’s getaway; it’s all right….
Every dinner doesn’t have to be candlelit;  It’s kinda nice to know that it doesn’t have to be perfect…Don’t you know that fairy tales tell a lie
Real love and real life doesn’t have to be perfect…. You don’t mind if I show up late for everything…..Ain’t it nice to know that we don’t have to be…If it’s good enough for you, it’s good enough for me…-Sara Evans


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  1. You have quite a list of “Things to Do” and they’re really awesome!!! For the cake decorating class, Hobby Lobby offers them every couple of months & they’re really affordable & fun. For reading the bible the whole way through, as Pastor Shelly would, I recommend to you the NLT version of the Chronological Bible. It’s the bible written in order as everything occurred, divided into daily readings for each day of the year. And because it’s the New Living Translation version, it’s written as a story. For me, it reads really quickly and before you know it, you’ve read 5 chapters of one of the books. It’s very interesting to read it this way, too. For the photography class, I’m sure any of the local colleges offer them or there are several people in church that are great photographers (Amanda Anderson, Rachel Naasz, Pastor Keith) that could help you out or set you in the right direction.

    There’s a few to get you started!!! Love ya, girl!!! =)

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