“Kick me out of this prision…”Faith Hill

It’s 1am here in Euless, Tx, and I’m laying in my hotel bed postponeing sleep (I don’t know why, I’m so tired, typing this weeks blog on my cell because my school lap top won’t le me long in so I left it in Lubbock. Tomorrow my summer vacation ends, and I go back to work, just not where I want to be, I’d rather be working in my classroom, not sitting 5 long days in a training praying that our presenters don’t just read the powerpoints to us. As I start prep for a new school year I’m missing the 1st week of normal P31 classes, (I promise when I get back to Lubbock I’ll post the results to bootcamp). I’m looking forward to continuing my journey with normal classes but more than that I’m looking forward to taking 1 hour a day for myself, something I have a very hard time doing in the school year. You see I have no life outside school, I’ve worked my whole life to get here and don’t want to lose it, so it consumes me for 10 months. I’ve been knowen to work 7 days a week, 60 hours a week, work right through church cause I’ve lost track of time, and on rare occation forget to eat. My students deserive all of me but it scares me that I’ll miss life, living only in my classroom. So maybe I need this 1 hour a day, or maybe it’s a little selfish, but what I do know is it’s going to be a GREAT stress reliever these next few weeks!


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