Maintain the Pain-Miranda Lambert

So my last two post have been a little off the topic so this week I plan to get back topic of my weight loss journey.  Let me tell you it was great to the first week of July off to recover, but when we went back to it last week, I can honestly say I was glad we were back and my body missed the work out (I think Amanda has finally brain washed me!! LOL!!!) I was also glad to get back to seeing the ladies at P31, I really did miss talking/laughing with them.  However we kicked it into high gear (at least I feel like) especially these past 2 days.  As of today it hurts to bend AND squat, you should hear some of the sounds I make when I have to do one of those 2 things.  I swear our trainers must get a sick sadistic thrill out of making us hurt this much!

Nevertheless with pain there has come a small victory, I’m starting to see some results small as they might be I’m extremely excited!!!! I’ve noticed a difference in my legs and on my sides; some of my extra-large shirts have become loose!  But my biggest thrill came from putting on a vest that when I brought it, it was a size to small so I could never button it up so I always wore it open, well I tried it one to and it buttoned NO PROBLEM!!!! I about did kart-wheels when that happened!  I’m actually getting excited about post evaluations in 2 weeks to see the change in my numbers, I know what a shock me, who was terrified to do pre-evaluations, am excited about doing post-evaluations, crazy right? 

Well I’ll keep this one short tonight I’ve been doing better about getting to bed earlier than 3am and not sleeping in the middle of the day anymore so I best get ready for tomorrow.


2 Thessalonians 3:16 – “Now may the Lord of peace Himself give you peace at all times and in every way.” 


2 thoughts on “Maintain the Pain-Miranda Lambert

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  1. That is great news that you are starting to see the results yourself now. I told you at the end of June I could already see a difference in you. Keep up the work!

  2. Bobbie Jo, that’s really awesome!!! I think it makes it easier to do the hard workouts when you’re working out with friends, who can literally “feel your pain”!!!! =) I will say that I think you’re right about the trainers having a “sadistic thrill out of making us hurt.” At church last night, I saw Amanda purposely throw a brochure on the floor and make Maria pick it up, just because she knew we were all sore there!!! Crazy lady!!! You’re doing great, Bobbie Jo…keep it up!!! It’s awesome when you see changes in your clothes!!!

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