…all of my friends who think that I’m blessed, they don’t know my head is a mess…-Brandi Carlile

Oh my goodness, what a crazy week.  Week 1 is in the bag 7 more to go!  It has been HARD, I have been SORE, tired just wiped out, but Monday-Thursday I roll out of bed @ 4:30 (most days) and I’m at the football field by 5am. 

Every morning when my alarm goes off, I ask myself why did I sign up for a boot camp that would make me get up at 4:30 in the morning during my summer vacation???  And every morning, I lay in my bed thinking I really don’t want to get up, I can miss this one, nobody will miss me and just one won’t matter.  But I know that if I allow myself to miss just 1 that will start a vicious cycle and starting boot camp would be a waste. 

Our workouts are intense and I can already see my body raising to the occasion, but every morning during the work out I can hear the enemy tell me to quit, it’s too hard, you can’t do this, and you are just embarrassing yourself, but every time I hear that I just say yes I can do this, “I can do anything through Christ who strengthens me” and I push through.  My legs burn, my arms shake but I push through.  Not say I don’t get frustrated, my personally of wanting to please people and not let them down I want to get every movement right, I don’t want to tire out fast, I want to go lower, lift higher, run the whole way gets in the way.  I want to be like the other experienced ladies and our trainers, but I have to keep reminding myself they’ve most likely being doing this longer and I’m new and all I need to focused on is myself.  I remember thinking on Tuesday that if our trainer said “grab your weights” one more time, I was going to throw my weight at her, then knowing her the way I do she would have just looked at me and said go head you still have to lift that weight to throw it at me.

I’ve notices some side effects since starting, I notice I’m hungry more often which makes since, I mean I’m burning a lot off so I need more fuel I just worry about over eating, luckily I filled the fridge with fruits and veggies so when I do snack it’s on health food.  However I feel like it’s an inner struggle trying to decide if I’m eating enough to fuel my body but less food is going in so that I am losing.  It feels like it’s the same battle with food just a different spin.  With up taking my intake of water (I haven’t had anything else to drink since last Sunday (now I have had a glass of milk with dinner to keep up the calcium but I’ve got that way down) I feel like I have to pee every 30 minutes, but I know that means it’s just flushing toxins out of my body.  I do enjoy the summer that when I have to go I can peacefully go and not have 8 year olds following  me out the door and down the hall way and sticking their little heads out the door waiting for me.  I have also noticed I’m very tired, I get home from work out eat work out (go to my workshops if I have any) and then I come home and sleep for hours and still sleep at night. I’m hoping this is just temporary otherwise I’m going to sleep my whole summer away.

On a high note I just have to say a big thank you to all of you who have read this and messaged me or talk to me and encourage me this week.  It has been a great blessing to know I have so many people behind me.  You will never know how much your support means.  Thank you!!!

If you obey all the laws which the Lord gave to Moses for Israel, you will be successful. Be determined and confident, and don’t let anything make you afraid. -1 Chronicles 22:13


2 thoughts on “…all of my friends who think that I’m blessed, they don’t know my head is a mess…-Brandi Carlile

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  1. I am so impressed with you … a whole week of challenging your body and mind. I will pray for you and wish you strength for week 2.

  2. Bobbie Jo, keep up the great work, I understand every struggle you are going through. I truly believe that each person who is out there with you are bootcamp are your personal cheerleaders and they want you to succeed!!

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