Love can be rough around the edges, Tattered at the seams-Sara Evans

Starting point

This morning was pre evaluations, and I almost didn’t make it.  Now I wasn’t late, and I didn’t have car trouble, no none of that I was instead fighting a war.  An internal war, with the enemy, one I have fought many times, and he’s always won.  He tried to tell me I wasn’t worth it, I wasn’t strong enough, and I couldn’t do this.  He told me I was just going to embarrass myself, not to waste my time I would make no progress, and everyone was just saving face and being nice to me but really no one wanted me there.  Now in the past I would have given in and said you are right, so let’s not do this, but today I choose to be victorious, not a victim.  I would be FEARLESS, so fearless that I wrote in Crayola marker that word, no one could see it but I knew it was there. 


The moment I stepped on that football field, I knew I was supposed to be there.  Now I’ve been going to Faith Christian Family Church for about a year and half now, mostly to Emerge on Tuesday night, but since having the amazing blessing to attend the Awaken Women’s conference last October, and meeting so many wonderful women I made the choice to become a member at FCFC.  However in fear of them growing tired of me, or me being worried about coming to the realization that they really don’t like new members, I usually keep to myself and sit in the back by myself, so I know of people but don’t really know a lot of people.   However when I walked on to the field this morning, I was greeted with such love and people being honestly happy to see me and want me there.  It was at that moment I knew that this is one of the reason God sent me to Lubbock, not only for Harmony but to attend this church, there was a reason why Pastor Matt (see I told you I’d give you a shout out!!) was the only one to respond to the three e-mails I sent to three different churches about their young adults programs, I was meant to be here!


The amount of support and encouragement I received this morning was over whelming and I know I can do this and I will be successful!  So with that said on to this morning evaluation numbers.  Now I have been going back and forth on this trying to decide if I wanted to post those but I came to the decision that to show a change these had to be posted, so here I go.


Pre-Evaluation (6-2-2012):


Mile- 17.46 (walking)-Now I was nowhere near the fasted but I wasn’t the slowest (But no one else matters but me), I power walked the whole thing and I achieved my goal of finishing it under 20 minutes. (Goal that same time just running the whole time by next year at this time)

Cones-20 in 1 minute (goal to double that)

Plank time- 40 seconds (goal is to make it a minute if not double that).

Sit ups- 19 in 1 minute (goal double that)

Pushups- 15 in a minute on my knees (goal is to due 15 real pushups)

Jump rope- 25 in a minute (finally some thing I’m good at, except it’s been a while but I can totally double that)


Body measurement: (all in inches)


Right and Left arm -13



Total inches-243

Weight: I am more than a number on a scale!!!


Let me tell you body measurement was the most nerve-wracking moment, I never show those numbers to any one, heck I hated when my mom need those measurement for clothes she was making me, and I was going to let someone else measure me???  Yea right! But I took a deep breath and thank God for our trainers (Amanda) who talked me all the way through it and made me feel such at ease. 

 As I close to night I want to leave the enemy with these parting words:  I can do this, I will do this, and I AM WORTH IT!!!

 But those who wait upon God get fresh strength.     They spread their wings and soar like eagles, they run and don’t get tired,   they walk and don’t lag behind.-Isaiah 40-31


3 thoughts on “Love can be rough around the edges, Tattered at the seams-Sara Evans

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  1. Bobbie Jo!!! I LOVE this! P31 Fitness is EXACTLY where you need to be! It is not by accident that you are a part of this. I am thrilled to get to be a part of your journey and look forward to your freedom! See you tomorrow.

  2. Way to go Bobbie Jo. You are so brave to post numbers. But you are so much more than your size be it larger or small; you are the lady who is generous, caring and loves God and your neighbor. You are the talented and committed elementary school teacher who makes a difference in each of your student’s lives. I do hope you be come more fit for your health …. but it won’t make you a better person because you already are.

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