If I get it all down on paper, it’s no longer inside of me, Threatening the life it belongs to-Anna Nalick

It’s a fog I can’t shake; I can’t find my way out of it.  Some days it’s darker than others and other days it’s like there is no cloud at all. It’s an ever-present twisting in my stomach that cause a racing heart, and a lump in my throat. It’s a brain that is ever... Continue Reading →


“When I don’t know what I’m do and I can fake it; I’ll pray till Jesus rolls away the stone”-Dierks Bentley

I have held on this one for almost 7 months, I feel like now is the best time to share this... Before I get started I thought I would share with you somethings you might not know about me… I was born in Minnesota Moved to Texas when I was 2 I’m daughter number 3... Continue Reading →

Love is a Liar-Kacey Musgraves

Candy coated promises they're always tryin' to sell ya, But there's a whole lot of stories that the books never tell ya, -Kacey Musgrave The past few years I’ve a lot of books on being single, and how this time is to be treasured as God prepares you and molds you into the person that... Continue Reading →

“Rubberband”~ Charlie Worsham

"...the more I pull apart the harder I collide..." Self-hate, self loathing all very good friends of mine.  2 friends I need to get rid of but I just can't seem to snap free of.  Every time I think I've finally broke free of them something will happen and we snap right back together again.  This past week... Continue Reading →

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